The D’Amato Law Way

D’Amato Law was formed to provide high quality legal services with less constraints that can slow the legal process, raise the price of litigation, and overly burden stakeholders. D’Amato Law employs smart, secure technology to provide team members and clients access to the tools and data needed to solve legal disputes in a modern, mobile, and complex landscape. By making efficient use of resources and increasing access to professional advice, D’Amato Law produces reliably superior results for its diverse client base.

We are a local firm with statewide reach. Battle tested, the team at D’Amato Law has litigated throughout the State of California in both State and Federal Courts. The lawyers at D’Amato Law have practiced in more than three-quarters of the fifty-eight counties in California and every federal district.

D’Amato Law leverages the benefits of a larger firm structure with the flexibility and personal service of a smaller, more agile team to provide you with representation tailored to your specific needs.

Our Core Values 

Professional Competence

Having spent their careers representing attorneys and law firms, the lawyers at D’Amato Law are deeply familiar with the high standards to which lawyers are held. D'Amato Law leverages its extensive knowledge and experience in the law of lawyering and law practice management to deliver to each client the highest standards of professional work product and advice.

Sound Judgment

We believe that the most important evaluation of a case is the one that is given at the beginning.  We understand that you want to know likely legal outcomes up front so you can make informed decisions. D'Amato Law takes great pride in providing you with the most accurate predictions possible as to how your litigation may proceed and it has the skill required to make the right judgment call when issues arise.  

uncompromising ethics

A sterling reputation with the Courts, opposing counsel, and the legal community benefits clients. The lawyers at D'Amato Law spent their careers building a reputation in the legal community as trustworthy, honest, and ethical attorneys. When you are a D'Amato Law client, you can rest assured that we will faithfully represent your interests and protect your reputation.

Budget Consciousness

At D'Amato Law, we understand the business of law and that litigation fees and costs can be a burden. We work with each of our clients to formulate a budget that works for their assignment and then we manage litigation to the budget. Of course circumstances can and do change budgets; yet every action taken by the team at D’Amato Law has a purpose – to get your case resolved on the best terms possible as economically as possible.