Our Areas of Practice


D’Amato Law, when you need a professional

Professional Liability and Ethics

D’Amato Law represents licensed professionals and their organizations throughout California in claims such as professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, fraud, and elder abuse. 

D’Amato Law has extensive experience representing lawyers, law firms, real estate brokers and agents, non-profit officers and directors, architects, engineers and design professionals, insurance brokers and agents, accountants, and other professionals. 

D’Amato Law skillfully and sensitively defends license holders facing investigation and disciplinary action from California regulatory agencies. As license holders themselves, the lawyers at D’Amato Law stand ready to defend what matters most to you, your ability to pursue your chosen profession.


D’Amato Law, When your business is on the line

Business Litigation

D’Amato Law handles disputes arising from contracts and business arrangements in and out of the courtroom. D’Amato Law’s business litigation experience encompasses a wide range of commercial disputes, including business and shareholder disputes, insurance claims and coverage, employment practices, premises liability, consumer protection and unfair competition as well as related class actions.

D’Amato Law represents manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products and services available to the public when consumers and others seek to hold their businesses responsible for injuries allegedly caused by those products and services.


D’Amato Law, when your land and building need attention

Real Estate litigation

D’Amato Law represents California real property owners, homeowners’ associations, investors, builders, growers, and other related real estate users and service providers, including brokerage firms, management companies, commercial landlords and tenants, and private lenders in commercial and residential disputes.


D’Amato Law, a full service litigation firm

General Liability

At D'Amato Law, we focus on a mastery of the litigation process and achieving high marks in performing the skills necessary in any piece of litigation. From our combined experience of nearly three decades of representing other lawyers, we have experience litigating in a lot of areas of the law. Personal injury, products liability, transportation, hospitality, defamation, estate planning and everything in between. The lawyers at D'Amato Law rapidly gain great understanding of complex and variable materal without learning-time delays and expense. Clients engage D'Amato Law to handle all their litigation needs because good lawyering transcends all matters. 


D’Amato Law, When you need representation beyond trial

Appellate Advocacy

We recognize that, in some cases, a winning verdict or disappointing result may be just the beginning of the litigation.  In those cases, we serve as appellate counsel to help clients uphold that winning verdict or reverse the trial court after a loss. We understand that appellate advocacy is a skill unique from the trial court level.  Appellate advocacy includes more than just briefs and oral argument. We work closely with trial counsel whether the trial case originated from D’Amato Law or elsewhere.  We take steps, from early pre-trial litigation through trial, and at every step in between, to ensure material issues are preserved and to produce the best possible result in the reviewing courts.